We Need Your Help

Are you a good story teller? Maybe you are currently working on your degree in journalism, looking to beef up your resume to get that new writing position with the Statesman or maybe you just love to tell stories in your spare time.

No matter where your interests fall, we could use your help. We have been up to some amazing things over the last four years, but no one would know it. That’s why we need your help to:

  • Help tell the stories of the local food heroes that we have been able to help so far – Bastrop Cattle Company, Bona Dea Baking Company, Green Gate Farms, Salt & Time Butcher Shop just to name a few.
  • Help tell the stories of the companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for help right now – Ten Acre Organics, P2P Ranches, Mary Louis Butters, Richardson Farms and many more.

Each of these entrepreneurs has an amazing story about why they decided to start their adventures, about the trials and challenges they face trying to grow a sustainable food business and about their commitment to helping grow our local economy and food shed.

If you think you would like to help us get their stories out, contact us at info@slowmoneyaustin.org


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