Potential Slow Money Projects

Here are a few of the companies that we are working with to help them raise money to grow. Help us get them where they need to be so they can continue to provide us with local, healthy, clean, fair food.

Richardson Farms: The Richardsons are hoping to raise some patient capital in order to build an on-site charcuterie facility. This would allow them to make their own bacon, smoked sausage and other products – rather than having to rely on a third party. Who doesn’t love the Richardsons? Now you can help them grow.

Ten Acre Organics: Ten Acre Organics – Lloyd and Michael – is currently operating their 1/10th acre “proof of concept farm” in East Austin. They will soon be looking to move out of the POC phase and will need additional capital to grow their idea and step up to a larger farm.

Coyote Creek – World’s Greatest Eggs: That’s one bold statement isn’t it? But what Cameron and the folks out in Elgin are doing is amazing. I don’t know what their “secret sauce” is, but their pastured chickens sure seem to love it. Apparently so does everyone else, as they can’t keep up with demand. We’re helping them try and do just that.

Pacha Cafe: Most folks that have been around the north side of town for a while have probably had the pleasure of enjoying a Pacha Latte or some of their amazing, 90+% organic and locally sourced foods. You’ve probably also marveled at how they do what they do in such a small space! We’re going to help them move into a space that can allow them to flourish and bring more local, organic goodness to us.

Logro Farms: If you’ve made the pilgrimage out to the Jester King Brewery and eaten at Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza then you’ve probably had Logro’s mushrooms. Grown in the brewery’s spent grains, this sustainable business would like to keep up with demand and bring their tasty fungi to more Austinites.

Agana Rain Water: Who knew that there were only 3 companies harvesting rainwater and putting it in bottles for us to drink and that two of them are right here in the Austin area? One of these companies is Agana Water. Capturing clean, healthy, sustainable rainwater and bottling it for folks all over the country. This doesn’t deplete our aquifers or draw down on our rivers. Not that’s something we can get behind. They would like to expand into bulk water and other markets.

Jade Monk Matcha Tea: Cort and Derek have been spreading the word about matcha tea and its health benefits for years now. They’ve been selling powdered drink packets in stores all over the state, including Whole Foods, Wheatsville and others. Now they want to bring their tasty, healthy teas to you in a ready to drink form.

Check back regularly for updates and additional information about the companies listed above.

One thought on “Potential Slow Money Projects

  1. Are these EB5 approved projects? We are interested in investing in Richardson Farms. Please contact us via email and we can setup a time to speak about this.

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