Inspired by the national Slow Money and Slow Food movements, a group of committed individuals gathered to promote sustainable food systems in Austin and the surrounding region (the Austin Food Shed).

Slow Money Austin is organized under the Slow Money Alliance, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Why do we need Slow Money?

Slow Money Austin exists to support and enrich a sustainable regional food system. Our primary mission is to develop and promote essential capital resources for environmentally, socially and culturally sustainable food enterprises serving Central Texas.

Through local activities, and in collaboration with the national Slow Money Institute and other organizations, we are encouraging the development of regional food systems. Slow Money Austin strives to meet the following objectives:

  • demonstrate and promote the economic viability, interdependency and importance of local and organic food enterprises;
  • identify critical financial and strategic needs required for sustainable farm-to-table-to-farm food systems, and encourage development of activities to meet those needs;
  • offer education and guidance in support of established financial assistance alternatives, including, but not limited, to grant programs, lending programs, informal risk capital investment activities and institutional risk capital investment firms; and
  • provide leadership in creating and/or bringing to the region new sources of capital to meet needs beyond those already in place.

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