AFI Presents: Raising Capital for Local Sustainable Food Companies, May 29 @ SFC

Are you a local Austin-area for-profit sustainable food company considering raising capital?  Have you built the “triple bottom line” of people, planet, and profits into the DNA of your business, and now see opportunities to expand your impact in each of those areas?

Are you wondering how to raise money, and who to talk to?  Are you concerned that only high-tech companies with super fast growth and plans for exit can raise capital?

This seminar will present an overview of the fundraising process, in understandable language and with real life examples, from both a traditional investment and “impact investment” standpoint.  While traditional investment requires “home-run” strategies, dramatic growth, and all efforts focused on eventually selling the business, in impact investing, “values” investors seek to fund sustainable companies with reasonable growth plans, the desire to reach attainable milestones and be profitable and cash-positive while doing good in the world, and maybe no desire to ever sell or “exit”.


Presenter Kevin Castello is the former Executive Director of the Baylor Angel Network, where he closed over 250 private investment deals and ran several funds.  He is a Venture Fellow and on the Adjunct Faculty at Baylor University.  Kevin now runs Best Fit Capital, at  He will help you understand the fundraising process, the different kinds – and implications – of investor money available, how to align your venture’s funding structure with your personal and company goals, pitching & presenting, NDAs and confidentiality, and the “cost of capital” of the various financial vehicles.

This workshop is brought to you by Austin Foodshed Investors, a new Angel Network in Austin that connects accredited “values” investors with local sustainable food companies seeking capital.  Austin Foodshed Investors’ Co-Founder Curt Nelson will give a brief overview of how AFI works, and will invite qualified companies to apply to be part of the AFI process.

There will be ample time for question and answer.

$99 per person, lunch included.  Please register at