Congratulations to Bola Pizza on their new oven.

Austin Foodshed Investors helps Bola Pizza conquer the state.

Folks all over the state will be seeing more of those white pizza boxes with the big, red “B” on them.  Bola Pizza will be adding 15 HEB stores in Austin, San Antonio and Houston to their current line up of Central Market stores in April.


Husband and wife team, Christian and Jamie Bowers, have been making delicious wood fired pizzas for years now. After getting their start at local farmer’s markets and catering, folks just couldn’t get enough of their amazing pies. So, they decided to start making frozen pizzas and were quickly selling in Royal Blue Grocery, Wheatsville, Thom’s Market, Fresh Plus and through delivery services like Farmhouse and Greenling. Their growth has been steady and impressive with focus on maintaining quality. When HEB came calling they decided it was time to see if they could get the oven on their wish list.

The new oven is an Italforni from Italy with dual flames to cook the pizzas from top and bottom. If you were a fan of the crust before, be prepared to like it even better. This puts them much closer to what they offer fresh out of their wood fired oven at catered events.

After some discussions with them it became clear that they were a perfect fit for the new investor group, Austin Foodshed Investors, who were looking for their first investment opportunity. Introductions were made and with a couple of meetings, a little due diligence and research, everything fell into place. Three local investors wanted to participate in the loan, all members of Austin Foodshed Investors. The purchase price of the new oven was divided by three, some simple loan documents were drawn up and the loans were made.

We were very excited to see this loan wrap up and the pizza oven be delivered to Bola’s kitchen. Bola’s focus on local sourcing, self distribution and attention to detail in everything they do is something to be celebrated. And take it from us, you might want to make that next celebration a pizza party!!

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